A will is a legal document that declares how your assets should be distributed after your death. It's a practical matter, but also a deeply personal one.

Preparing a will is something everyone, regardless of age or financial status, should do. In addition to setting down instructions for the distribution of your property, a will can be used to:

  • Nominate a guardian or trustee for dependent children
  • Name an executor to be in charge of your estate
  • Provide direction for how your debts and taxes are to be paid
  • Specify the distribution of your remaining assets

Without a will, your property may be distributed according to Kansas law. Who receives your property and the percentage that goes to each person may not be what you would have chosen. In cases where no relatives are found, property may even go to the state.

Our law office, the Vancrum Law Firm LLC, excels at making the process efficient. We ensure that your best interests and your most precious assets — and especially the people you love — are protected now and later.

Kansas City Attorney To Ensure Your Will Is Done Right

A will is an important estate planning tool but it must be approached with care. There are pitfalls that you may be unaware of, including:

  • Titling assets jointly or as tenancy in common with children, causing income tax concerns such as the loss of a step-up in basis for capital gains at the time of your death
  • Exposing your assets to creditors who may have claims against your joint tenants in circumstances such as divorce or business failure
  • Probate implications for your heirs if you and your spouse are killed in a common accident or both die within a short time frame

The key to a successful will is establishing ownership properly for your situation. With more than 35 years of experience representing families with respect to wills and trusts, powers of attorney probate, Overland Park wills lawyer Robert Vancrum is well prepared to guide you toward a secure and well-planned future.

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