Probate And Estate Administration

Helping Kansas City Families Administer Estates

Losing a loved one is difficult under any circumstances. But having to navigate the legal process of probate adds an extra degree of stress to a family's grief. If you are faced with a possible probate proceeding, the first step is to seek the experienced counsel of a probate lawyer.

Our legal team at the Vancrum Law Firm LLC in Overland Park handles probate efficiently and cost-effectively, always keeping your best interests in mind.

Determining If Probate Is Necessary

Probate is a court-supervised process that transfers the legal title of property from the estate of a person who has died to his or her beneficiaries. There may be ways to avoid or minimize the cost and delays that are often part of probate.

Probate and wills lawyer Robert Vancrum has extensive knowledge of Kansas probate guidelines. He can help you determine if probate is necessary and initiate the process to:

  • Establish whether your loved one's will is valid
  • Appoint an administrator to administer the estate if no will was left
  • Determine and collect all property and assets of the estate
  • Provide the legal notice required to be sure surprise claims don't pop up
  • Pay taxes and debts in a timely manner
  • Transfer legal ownership of real estate and other property
  • Keep an existing business running during its transition to new management

The existence of a trust allows for the transfer of property directly to the trust beneficiaries without probate court proceedings. In cases where assets were not transferred entirely into a trust, however, probate or other court proceedings may be necessary.

Keeping Your Costs Reasonable With Hourly Rates

The perception that probate costs are outrageously high is generally inaccurate for Kansas residents. Probate lawyers in Kansas and Missouri charge for their time, rather than setting their fees as a percentage of the value of the estate as attorneys may do elsewhere.

With more than 35 years of experience handling probate and estate administration, Robert Vancrum offers can offer you an up-front estimate for your case, based on reasonable hourly rates. He strives to keep the guesswork out of your fees and assist you as efficiently as possible in all aspects of probating your loved one's estate.

We Can Help

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