Power Of Attorney And Incapacity Planning

Planning for the future requires preparation for the possibility of incapacity of yourself, your spouse or other loved ones. With early-onset Alzheimer's and dementia affecting a growing population, planning is crucial for incapacity and the ability to direct medical care or end-of-life issues.

Powers Of Attorney, Living Wills And Advance Health Directives

Establishing a will or trust protects your assets. Creating the additional components of an advance health directive and a living will takes your estate planning one important step further by protecting your control over your future care.

At the Vancrum Law Firm LLC, we offer more than 35 years of experience in estate planning. We can expertly create the legal documents you need to express your exact wishes now in case you can't express them when the time comes.

Benefitting From An Advance Directive At Any Age

You could suffer an accident or illness at any time, leaving your family with the burden of making these challenging health related decisions for you. The document that sets out your specific wishes for medical care when you are incapacitated is called either a power of attorney for healthcare or advance health directive elderly.

Creating an advance directive with a highly qualified Overland Park living wills lawyer gives you the opportunity to help your loved ones to help you by spelling out your wishes. A living will supplements the healthcare power of attorney if you wish to be more specific as to end of life.

When you meet with attorney Robert Vancrum, he will explain all components of planning for incapacity, which may include:

  • Living will: a written statement that details the type of care you want, as well as any type you don't want, if you become incapacitated. A living will is entirely separate from a regular will. It strictly serves the purpose of spelling out your healthcare preferences.
  • Durable power of attorney for healthcare: a document in which you appoint someone you trust to make any necessary decisions for you regarding your medical care. It also becomes this person's duty to ensure that your doctors or other providers deliver the type of care you wish to receive.
  • Durable power of attorney for finances: a document in which you give someone the authority to manage your financial affairs if you are unable to do so.

Attorney Bob Vancrum has helped thousands of clients throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area to create effective planning for incapacity. He leads our firm with understanding and compassion for how personal these issues can be.

These matters may seem complicated, but we will do our best to explain them in a straightforward way. We takes pride in helping clients throughout the Kansas City area secure their own futures as well as their families' futures with comprehensive estate planning and legal assistance.

Experienced Guidance From Attorney Robert Vancrum

Contact us to begin protecting your family and business against incapacity with powers of attorney that meet your needs. We offer a no-obligation consultation with the Vancrum Law Firm LLC to review your estate planning goals and options, including wills, trusts and living wills.

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