Effective Counsel For Your Business Startup

A business begins with a good idea, but a lot must happen on the road to business ownership. Before you can realize the potential of that idea, you need to deal with the legal implications of business entity formation. Every decision must be carefully made, from what type of entity you want to form to how you'll give yourself an "out" if you want to leave the company.

At Vancrum Law Firm, LLC, we help business owners and entrepreneurs deal with the complex legalities of their ventures. Robert Vancrum is a seasoned lawyer with more than 35 years of experience in handling large entity and closely held business matters throughout the Kansas City area.

From our office in Overland Park, we can counsel you through the legal details of a business startup without losing sight of your business goals. Arrange a no-obligation consultation to discuss your legal needs and work with an attorney who can identify opportunities and tackle obstacles for your business.

The Influence Of Stakeholders And Business Partners

Even sole proprietorships may have obligations to other individuals. Anyone who invests in you, whether it is a close family member, an individual investor or a financial institution, will want to see a return on that investment.

Even if you are going into business with a trusted friend, you need to plan for the unexpected.

  • What will happen if you or your partner wants to dissolve a portion of the business?
  • What business or financial decisions can be influenced by a board of directors?
  • How can you be sure there is full disclosure about the financial viability and asset value of the business you're buying into?
  • What tax planning mechanisms are available to help me minimize my tax obligations?

These kinds of issues begin and end with strong contracts and thoughtful business counsel. We can help ensure you consider all important factors and how they will relate to your enterprise.

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